le sigh

I’ve just added a new (preliminary) diff for fRO.

Due to Gravity’s compiler update (see here) it only includes 6/21 hex edits so far. Depending on my motivation and abilities I might add the missing ones later, but I believe the most important ones are included already.

We’ll see. :(

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  •   June 14, 2011 - vuzu Says:

    I’ve got a CRC mismatch issue with your Diff file for fRO Ragexe.
    And if I ignore that error, I’ve got a Patch Error on every line I’m trying to fix, using that Diff.

  •   June 14, 2011 - Gandi Says:

    Are you sure you’re using it on the newest fRO Ragexe?
    It should be 3’859’968 Bytes in size with a hash of CRC32: e9553560 / MD5: 51f0ba2716bf5a5e4d54b6e6aafa4852 / SHA-1: bdf09a6cbd7e87979a217d0510a2de3a5b0e33ea

  •   June 14, 2011 - fRO ;_; Says:

    Working fine for me. :) BM Fix, Partypopupfix etc – love you long time, my hero! :D

  •   June 16, 2011 - fRO ;_; Says:

    Had one problem today, but that may be coincidence. All _ground_ (not background) textures went white in WoE, interface, chars etc as usual – never happened before and I had the bmfix, partypopup, noenter diffes active.

  •   June 16, 2011 - Gandi Says:

    That would be the infamous lightmap bug and has a chance of happening to everyone, unaltered client or not! For a temporary fix (once the ground turns white only restarting RO really helps) you can enter /lightmap ingame.
    So unless this somehow happens alot more frequently with the patches applied you shouldn’t be alarmed :p

  •   June 16, 2011 - fRO ;_; Says:

    Okay, started playing after 4 years again and has happened one time so far. I assume coincidence then! :)

    Thanks a lot again, really really helpful :D

  •   June 21, 2011 - Karma Burn Says:

    le cheers *.*

  •   June 21, 2011 - kyuu Says:

    any luck on new diff for iRO, not that I play it much but I am curious

  •   September 29, 2011 - Gandi Says:

    Sorry, no.
    I’ve recently been diagnosed with terminal laziness and there’s no known cure. :(
    (and the fact that I don’t play iRO honestly doesn’t help with that)

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