I’m personally no big fan of other people using hex edited clients, but some edits should honestly be considered bug fixes instead of “unfair advantages” — Bug fixes that Gravity should have addressed years ago already. I’ll try to provide current diff patches to fix things I consider “bugs” here, but expect me to lag behind a bit with them. It does take me some minutes to create them after all, and if you must know I’m a very lazy busy person! If you’re wondering what I mean by diff patches now, those are files that contain the bytes that have to be changed inside a client to fix whatever bug you selected. This brings in some fancy advantages:

  • I save bandwidth (haha, like you care about that :( )
  • You can decide yourself which “bug fixes” you want to apply to your client
  • You don’t have to fear it’s a OMGVIRUS
  • I don’t have to host files copyrighted by Gravity

#3 though gets a bit tricky when the tool that applies those patches to your client is considered a virus/malware by some virus scanners — Don’t worry though, those are false alerts due to UPX being used to shrink the file size. If you’re still concerned about your security though, you could always apply those patches manually. (but please don’t ask me how, it should be self-explanatory when looking inside the .diff files with the required common sense to do so)


Download the diff patcher (you only need to download this once) Download the current diff patch:

  • euRO (last update: 2010-02-11) RIP :(
  • iRO: RagFree / yggexe (last update: 2010-12-30)
  • iRO-Classic (last update: 2012-06-30)
  • fRO (last update: 2011-09-29)
  • aRO (last update: 2011-03-12)


  • Open up diffpatch.exe
  • Select the current .diff file in the upper select box
  • Select the current Ragexe.exe in the lower box
  • Click on Continue (what did you expect?)
  • Move every patch you want to apply to the right box
  • Select a file name you can remember [...]
  • Hit the “Patch” button
  • Replace your original Ragexe.exe with the newly created one!

Short explanation of the options:

  • [BM][NoEnter]: BattleMode doesn’t get deactivated by pressing Enter — SpaceBar still works fine
  • [BM][ffiixx]: YYoouu sshhoouulldd ggeett tthhee ppooiinntt!!
  • [NoPartyPopup]: No more 1:1 chat popups when double clicking (or AWESOMEly supporting people as priest) inside the party menu — This actually disables 1:1 chat windows altogether, keep that in mind
  • [NoHallu]: Disables the shitstorm totally intended 1 fps wavy hallucination effect
  • [EnglishClient]: Client defaults to THE ENGRISH LANGUAGE regardless of your windows location settings
  • [ScreenShotQuality]: Increases screenshot quality to 95% (as opposed to 75% with fancy jpeg artifacts
  • [DisableScreenShaking]: Disables the screen shaking effect of HammerFall/Fury etc
  • [Disable Nagle Algorithm]: Disables the clientside Nagle Algorithm, increasing client responsiveness but also traffic (should usually be of no concern)
  • [Auto] ON/OFF by default: Enables/Disables said option when starting the client


Most of these hex edits were originally discovered by the “Diff Team”, I merely try my best to find them in the current iRO/fRO game clients. Their dedicated work made all of this possible :)