wtf iro?

So I downloaded & installed the most recent iRO client… after the patch process I was stuck with 4 different patchers and 3 different clients. wtf?

Had to ask someone to find out which one of those is supposed to be used. :|

For some reason the clients that were installed don’t even seem to be available via patcher, did every iRO player have to re-download the complete client or something? :o

Anyhow, I’ve added the diffs for the clients that appear to be the current ones on my end. If you’re unsure, here’s my crc32 checksums:

RagFree.exe  [27a555e1]

yggexe.exe [7df9e2e0]

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  •   February 11, 2011 - kyuu Says:

    I love you! well not in that way but, I love that no screen shake option and gonna check if Nagle disabled in client does help with sprite lag, cause I think that is what cause it. I will love you even more , but not in that way. Only thing I could ask is if you can get the client to let use map Spacebar to trigger BM on and off/

  •   February 17, 2011 - Gandi Says:

    Didn’t the renewal interface take care of that?
    Or do you mean fRO? Then there’s the [BM][NoEnter] option which changes BM to only turn off with Spacebar, not Enter-key.
    Unless of course you mean something else entirely? D:

  •   February 23, 2011 - Skar Says:

    I used the patched files while I played on euRO, but since they are down I am on aRO. Would you consider doing the patches for that exe too? I really miss the BM fix and I think I would like the no shake thing.

  •   February 23, 2011 - Gandi Says:

    I’ll look into it. Unless aRO’s gameguard?nprotect? (I forget) detects hex edits, that is :p

  •   March 6, 2011 - Gandi Says:

    Took long enough for me to notice but I don’t have aRO installed anymore. Would you mind mailing me the patcher (Ragnarok.exe) of it? Can’t be bothered to download and install the whole thing just for that :D

  •   March 11, 2011 - Skar Says:

    I should check here more often :-)
    Of course I can send you the necessary files.
    But wouldn’t you need the ragexe.exe?
    Anyway you can mail at the given adress and tell me where to send it because I can’t find an email adress here.

  •   March 11, 2011 - Gandi Says:

    No, it’s the patcher that I need. From that I can get the address of their FTP server and thus any future updates to the client, whereas the client itself would only be useful a single time!
    My e-mail address is available at the top of
    I’d prefer not writing it out due to spam bots :p

  •   March 18, 2011 - Kyuu Says:

    The renewal interface just made BM on by default and now it only turns on and off with enter. Spacebar does nothing, you cant even change the trigger to spacebar, which what I want to do, BTW this is iRO

  •   March 24, 2011 - Skar Says:

    Thank you for the Patch file. I tested it on aRO for the last 2 weeks. Everything works fine. I wouldn’t want to play without some of patches.

  •   March 24, 2011 - Gandi Says:

    Ah I see the dilemma with iRO now.. but I’m sorry to say I currently don’t know if there’s an easy way to change the default Enter key for battlemode to Spacebar in post-renewal clients :(

    Thanks for the feedback Skar :p

  •   April 6, 2011 - kyuu Says:

    oh well if you do figure it out would appreciate it, Rcx does it but i refuse to use that.

    Also All the Exe for iRO are being disabled today, all servers will now be using Ragnarok.exe and Ragexe.exe

    I not sure the diff will need be update or not, But just though I let you know.

  •   April 7, 2011 - Kyuu Says:

    just tried the diff on the ragexe and I get checksum error when trying to patch

  •   April 8, 2011 - Gandi Says:

    Yeah that comes to no surprise, if the client is updated you also need a newer diff.
    Now from what I can tell they’ve used a newer version of MSVC to compile this particular ragexe, which means the ways I’ve used to find the right offsets were rendered moot.
    So take this as a heads up that it’s probably going to take a bit longer for a new diff to show up :(

  •   April 8, 2011 - Kyuu Says:

    damn gravity, well I long as it still possible for this method to work I dont mind waiting, as I so not like rcx or want to use it

  •   April 8, 2011 - kyuu Says:

    on a side not rcx is not working either with the changes

  •   April 8, 2011 - Gandi Says:

    haha yeah, think I’ve heard about that but wasn’t entirely sure :D

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