guinea pigs!

Written on February 24, 2010 at 19:04:51, by Gandi

So I was bored motivated enough today to fetch the current Ragexe/RagFree from iRO. Turns out they’re currently the same! (That’s a good thing btw, at least for me)

Some minutes later and a diff for iRO was born. :D

Please note that the only char I have there is an AWESOME lvl 14 Acolyte and well… I was too lazy to test if everything’s working as intended.

So here’s where the title comes into play: You are the guinea pigs!  Ain’t that fun?!!!!

No but really, feel free to leave a comment if something isn’t working as intended. Because otherwise there’s a good chance that I might never notice.

Oh and one more thing… since I don’t play on iRO I usually don’t notice when there’s a client update; so expect there to be some HUEG delays after a new client gets released. :(

y helo world!

Written on February 18, 2010 at 09:25:07, by Gandi

Welcome to TardPress. This be your first post. Edit or delete it plz, then start blogging!

Sigh, as if I’m ever going to write anything here. :(

Anyhow, it appears as if I’ve SMASHED WORDPRESS WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER just long enough for it to look halfway decent, but apparently some features got lost along the way… well thank god I don’t care about that!

The list of useful pages is rather slim so far, but at least one more goody will be added soon.  Still need to clean up some code before I can release it without being embarrassed if anyone peeks through the source. :|

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